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The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook | APMG International

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  • By Agile Business Consortium
  • Publisher: Agile Business Consortium
  • Available in: English
  • Total pages: 223
  • ISBN: 9780992872786

This book contains useful, practical guidance on the role of a Business Analyst in an agile context.

The Change Management Training and Certification program has been updated, with new versions released in March 2024. The principal publication for the updated certification is the ‘APMG Change Management Study Guide.’ This guide is exclusively available to learners enrolled in the Change Management certification program.

However, Accredited Training Providers are permitted to offer the previous version of the Change Management program until September 20, 2024. ‘The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook’ serves as the core text for this training.

Please consult with your training provider to determine which version of the Change Management Course is being offered and whether the handbook is provided.

The APMG official handbook based on the Change Management Body of Knowledge created by Change Management Institute bringing together the combined wisdom of 17 thought leaders in a single volume. The book is written for practitioners covering the knowledge required to define, practice and introduce effective organisational change from initial planning through to sustaining the benefits over the longer term.

Chapters cover topics ranging from the impact of Change Impact definition, readiness and sustainability, Stakeholder strategy, benefits management, facilitation, essential project management and continuous learning and development.

The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook is packed with practical tools, techniques, and models to support any Change initiative.

Key features
  • Equips individuals with knowledge, theories, and techniques to effectively plan and implement successful change initiatives.
  • Draw from a range of professional approaches to implement change smoothly and effectively.
  • Can aid in speed up the implementation of change initiatives.

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