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APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Version 3 Training and Certification Course

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Included in Purchase:

  • Includes e-learning Change Management Foundation and  Practitioner exam preparation course videos
  • Official Online Web Proctored Change Management Foundation and Practitioner APMG International Exam Voucher included.
  • 6 months of access to e-learning for both courses
  • 3 months validity, Official APMG International online exam voucher will be issued on course completion individually
  • 1 World Training Change Management e-learning course is approved by APMG International, for structured content and user-friendliness
  • A student version of Change Management Training Material in PDF Format by APMG International.
  • 1 Official APMG International PDF of Sample Exam Paper with answer rationale for both foundation and practitioner
  • Online Simulation of 1 Official Sample Exam Paper for both foundation and practitioner
  • Access to the trainer for any questions


Change Management refers to the process, tools, and techniques used to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. Change Management certifications are recognized worldwide. Participants gain the crucial knowledge needed to become proficient Change Management Professionals. Our Change Management training course is tailored to help individuals become effective and essential agents of business transformation, enhancing organizations and business processes by adhering to systematic and informed methods. Our APMG-accredited training course equips organizations to handle change effectively, ensuring a positive impact and aiding participants in passing their exams on the first attempt.

Change Management consists of three-level, namely Individual Change Management, Organisational/Initiative Change management, and Enterprise Change Management Capability.

Change management is a method and set of techniques that an organization uses to define and implement changes in its internal and external processes to achieve better results. It involves preparing and supporting employees, taking the necessary steps to initiate change, and monitoring activities before and after the change to ensure successful implementation.

There are five types of change management in an organization:

  • Standard changes
  • Major changes
  • Minor changes
  • Emergency changes
  • Normal changes

The Change Management Foundation course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of key change management approaches and how to develop change plans that meet organizational requirements.

The Change Management Practitioner course extensively focuses on implementing change and adapting Change management in a real-world scenario from an organization’s viewpoint.

Who should attend Change Management Course?

This Foundation and Practitioner Change Management training course is designed for anyone interested in managing or expanding their knowledge of organizational change. This training is especially beneficial for managers, as they are responsible for implementing changes and persuading the rest of the organization of the benefits of those changes.

Additionally, anyone looking to introduce a change methodology within their organization will find this course useful. This includes professionals such as Project Managers, Change Managers, and those working in Human Resources.

Benefits of Attending a Change Management Certification Course

  • Comprehensive Change Handling: Learn how to manage change effectively before, during, and after its implementation.
  • Insight into Impact: Gain a deep understanding of the impact and true value of Change Management.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Boost your credibility as a Change Management Professional.
  • Addressing Resistance: Learn how to recognize and address resistance to change.
  • Successful Transformation: Increase the likelihood of a successful business transformation.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Understand the process of working with stakeholders in a Change Initiative.
  • Employee Commitment: Develop and sustain employee commitment to organizational goals.

In business, organisations change can be of any type like strategic, leadership, and technological changes. Change Management is critical because often, people don’t take change very positively. It helps the organisation to save time and resources wasted on unnecessary things and helps to create a more flexible and innovative workplace.



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