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AgilePgM® Agile Programme Management eBook | APMG International.







Roles: Responsibilities and Characteristics


Stakeholder Engagement, Communication and Management


Management and Control

Quality Management


The AgilePgM Handbook provides the very latest in knowledge and learning around the successful delivery of major business transformations and initiatives. The guidance concentrates on the essentials of Agile Programme Management as it assumes knowledge of the fundamentals of programme management.

Deliver transformational programmes

The guidance provides a disciplined but flexible approach to the management of transformational organizational change, allowing for iterative and incremental delivery of outputs and benefits. It provides governance and rigour, along with the agility and flexibility, which organisations demand today.

It can be used either stand-alone or combined with other recognised methods such as MSP® and PMI. It can also be used as a wrapper for more limited agile and non-agile approaches to cover the whole programme lifecycle.

Key features
  • Extends existing knowledge of programme management to show how to think, act and react differently in an agile environment.
  • Can be used either stand-alone or combined with other recognised methods.
  • The AgilePgM® Handbook is the basis for the world’s leading certification in Agile Programme Management.

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